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21. PRESS RELEASE: WeGov Field Trials
(Project News/Project News)
... While doing so, GESIS expects to get more details on their stakeholder's working day. This information will be used to fit the toolbox functionality and workflows in accordance to the stakeholder's existing ...
... and Germany. The third field trial will apply the toolbox for investigating its usage as a complement to political opinion polls in Germany.   In the case of the Hansard Society scenario, ...
23. Deliverables
...  No Description Leader Delivery Date WP 6 D 6.1 Dissemination materials and plan Gov2u MO6 WP 4 D 4.2 Initial WeGov toolbox GFI M12 WP 3 D 3.1 ...
24. Description of work
(Description of work/Description of work)
... social network sites in order to stimulate a discussion. WORK PACKAGE 4: Opinion and Discussion Toolbox The objective of this WP is to develop dashboards for live visualisation of discussions, ...
25. Publications
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... Taylor, Steve; Fernandez, Miriam (2012): WeGov Toolbox - Politicians engage with Citizens. In: Joint Proceedings of Ongoing Research and Projects of IFIP EGOV and IFIP ePart 2012. p. 267-268. Read the ...