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WeGov Online Event - Open Evaluation Discussion
WeGov consortium launched the Phase 2 Evaluation of the WeGov toolbox in March 2012. The evaluation on the current version of the WeGov toolbox (prototype 2.5) via the WeGov field trials with policy-makers of the German Parliament and the Federal Parliament of Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany (GESIS field trial) and the European Parliament (Gov2u field trial) evolves well. Policy-makers at European, federal, regional and local level are actively involved and feedback is positive. Meanwhile, the WeGov technical partners are in the process of defining the requirements for the architecture and user interface of the future version of the WeGov toolbox (prototype 2.6), due by June 2012.

In this stage, the WeGov Consortium finds it vital to keep a strong working relationship with the Advisory Board (AB) so as to further explore the added value of the project. For this reason, WeGov organizes a dedicated WeGov online event titled "Open Evaluation Discussion", on the 26th of April 2012, giving AB members the opportunity to remain fully abreast of the latest WeGov developments and provide their feedback.

During the two-hour teleconference prototype 2.5 will be demonstrated online via screen sharing; and AB members will get a first glimpse at the development plans of prototype 2.6; most importantly they will have the opportunity to provide their input, and share their interesting views.

The agenda of the Open Evaluation Discussion is the following:

WeGov Online Event - Open Evaluation Discussion
Demonstration of the UI and functionality of the current version of the WeGov toolbox - prototype 2.5. 30min
Overview of the future plans for the development of the future version of the WeGov toolbox - prototype 2.6, due to end of June 2012. 30min
Q&As discussion, feedback on the WeGov prototype 2.5 and proposals for the development of prototype 2.6. 1h

More information about the WeGov online event’s results, will be published in due time.