ICA, International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
WeGov General Assembly, in April 2012

The WeGov General Assembly (GA) meeting took place in April 2012, in Stockholm, Sweden. The three-day meeting on the 3rd and 5th of April 2012, took place in the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV of Stockholm University. The venue was situated at Forum 100, SE-164 40 Kista, Sweden.

The agenda for the three-day event included hands on workshops where Consortium partners discussed in detail the previous review’s comments and the initial evaluation reports from the project’s field trials; the WeGov prototype development planning; as well as the evaluation, exploitation & dissemination planning.

All Consortium partners made presentations concerning the latest developments on each Work Package (WP).

Finally a clear and concise planning for the next 6 months of the project (till the end of its lifecycle) was established, which dealt with the finalization of the WeGov toolkit development, the final phase of evaluation by the end-users, and the project goals for the final six months.