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Results on the Phase 2 Evaluation with the German Bundestag

The WeGov team launched the Phase 2 Evaluation of the second version of the WeGov toolbox in March 2012.


The GESIS field trials of the second version of the WeGov toolbox started on the 16th of March 2012 with a presentation at the German Bundestag. The WeGov software solution was presented to 12 policy-makers from the German Bundestag, who are interested in the field of social media and eGovernment/ e-Participation. The presentation was complemented with an interactive session where the policy-makers’ group explored the WeGov software altogether.


Overall the group's feedback was positive concerning the concept of the WeGov toolbox with the implementation of a start page with small windows running pre-defined analytics and a search page for more detailed search results. The opportunities of the analysis components seem to be beneficial for this group and gained the group’s acceptance.


The Phase 2 Evaluation with the Bundestag indicated that further improvement is required on the current WeGov toolbox version to support their everyday work. For instance the opportunity of combining analysis components, doing long term analytics on bigger data sets and visualizing results in a more intuitive way, are important points that the policy-makers mentioned. The most important point however, is that politicians need to understand the WeGov analysis results in a way to assess the relevance for their daily work.


Meetings with the European Parliament (Gov2u field trials) and the State Parliament Nordrhein-Westfalen have been scheduled in April 2012.

View the presentation at the German Bundestag

View the “Was ist WeGov” - User Guide for the Phase 2 Evaluation (in German)

View the “What is WeGov” - User Guide for the Phase 2 Evaluation (in English)