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WeGov publication in ACM TIST – Journal

The article "Latent Spatial Semantics of Social Media" by Sergej Sizov has been accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology - ACM TIST Journal.

Multi-modal understanding of shared content is an important success factor for many Web 2.0 applications and platforms. The article addresses the fundamental question of geo-spatial awareness in social media applications. In this context, it introduces an approach for improved characterization of social media by combining text features (e.g. tags as a prominent example of short, unstructured text labels) with spatial knowledge (e.g. geotags, names of locations in user profiles, etc.). The model-based framework combines these two aspects in order to construct better algorithms for content management, retrieval, and sharing. Systematic studies demonstrate the benefits of this combination for a broad spectrum of scenarios related to social media: recommender systems, content organization and filtering, event detection. The article will be included in a forthcoming ACM TIST issue which will be released within 2011.

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