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WeGov participated in CIKM 2011, in October 2011

WeGov partner UKob participated in the 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2011), on 24th - 28th October 2011, in Glasgow, Scotland. Its purpose is to identify challenging problems facing the development of future knowledge and information systems, and to shape future research directions through the publication of high quality, applied and theoretical research findings. UKob contributed to the event by submitting & presenting a paper with the title “Searching microblogs: coping with sparsity and document quality”.

UKob presented their approach to overcome the problem of term sparsity in microblog media in retrieval task and also proposed a static quality measure “interestingness” for measuring the content quality in Microblogs. They demonstrated with experiments that introducing “interestingness” as quality measure helps in finding the informative tweets in Twitter.

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At the same event UKob co-organized in the roles of General Chair and Program Chair the Workshop “DETECT: International Workshop on DETecting and Exploiting Cultural diversiTy on the Social Web", on the 24th of October, 2011.

With the constantly increasing reach of the Web in general and Social Media in particular, more and more people of different nationalities, cultures, origins and beliefs contribute and access online information. These differences express themselves in language, habits, behavioral patterns, socio-cultural norms and values. They also strongly influence the way users provide and formulate content as well as the way they request, acquire, interpret and access information. Therefore, the detection and use of cultural differences and diversity will become more and more a key challenge in both, Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management.

The Workshop DETECT aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners dealing with inter-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-national information environments in distinct contexts, and discovered synergies between their research fields. UKob has submitted successfully the workshop paper "Detecting Culture in Coordinates: Cultural Areas in Social Media" by Christoph Kling and Thomas Gottron, which was also presented at the workshop.

The paper addresses the problem of identifying the cultural relatedness of countries by extracting country specific behavioural patterns from social media. As an application example of our methodology, a case study exploits geo-annotated shared content for extracting characteristic travel behaviour of different people in order to find areas of similar customs.

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