ICA, International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
WeGov participated in IPP2010, in September 2010
WeGov Consortium partner GESIS, IT Innovation and Gov2u participated in the conference "Internet, Politics, Policy 2010: An Impact Assessment - IPP2010" on 16-17 September 2010, at St Anne’s College in central Oxford, UK. The specific event is an academic conference that subjects the relationship between the Internet, Politics and Policy to mutli-disciplinary scrunity. The conference was organized by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII, University of Oxford) on behalf of the OII-edited academic journal Policy and Internet.

WeGov participated via the submission of a paper with the title "New ways for policy makers to interact with citizens through open social network sites - a report on initial results" which was published within the IPP2010 conference proceedings. The paper was presented by Addis, M., IT Innovation Centre in the conference Panel 3B: Participation in Politics and Policy-making.

The paper presents the WeGov approach to allow policy-makers to move away from the limitations inherent in the current practice of using bespoke and dedicated platforms and instead make full use of high levels of participation and rich discussions that already take place in existing social networking sites. It also presents early results of the WeGov project which include: a set of scenarios for using SNS as part of the policy making process; the legal and ethical issues this entails (e.g. privacy, data protection, defamation); the use of an information security risk assessment methodology to identify potential further issues and their countermeasures; and an overview of the new software technologies needed to make this new mode of interaction between citizen and policy-maker quick, simple, reliable and cost effective.

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