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WeGov was presented in the Government 2.0 Camp 2011 in September 2011

WeGov Conso

rtium partner GESIS participated in the Government2.0 Camp (Open Government Camp) 2011, between 29-30 September 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The Government 2.0 Camp Berlin 2011 is the sequel to the highly successful two prior events of its kind in Germany in 2009 and 2010. Its organizers have since founded a non-profit network (www.gov20.de) in order to further the cause of Government 2.0 and open government as well as organize the following years’ camps.

Government 2.0 Camp 2011 is an networking event in a form of a BarCamp - a hands-on conference with more than 400 participants which aim to bridge the gap between society and government administration. Within this event several successful case studies were presented, including the case study of the WeGov project, discussing on different implementation approaches of existing projects and to be used as a kick-off point of new similar initiatives. In other words this event consists a platform for experts and professionals to modernize policy-making and management making them more interactive and transparent procedures. The participants covered a variety of different discipline areas such as: government, political parties, businesses, civil society organizations and more that were brought together to exchange ideas and experiences on Open Data and to collaborate.

WeGov took the opportunity and illustrated the initial WeGov toolbox to policy- makers and politicians and held an open discussion to gather their feedback on the WeGov toolbox. This approach revealed the great potentialities of including stakeholders in the development process in order to effectively address their "real" needs. Some major aspects were that the toolbox needs to be easy to use and the benefit for politicians needs to be understandable.

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