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WeGov announces the 1st WeGov Workshop within eChallenges e-2011, in October 2011

WeGov is happy to announce the 1st WeGov Workshop within the eChallenges e-2011, on the 26th – 28th October, 2011 in Florence, Italy. The 1st WeGov Workshop aims to demonstrate its toolkit to a panel of experts and stakeholders in the field and gather their feedback. The workshop will be the first within the project that opens up project results in an iterative manner to a wider community of interest. We encourage our readers to participate in this event to add their voice to the many already shaping WeGov outcomes. The 1st WeGov workshop will be held on the 27th of October, 2011 (Workshop 7b: WeGov, 14:00).

eChallenges 2011, is the twenty-first in a series of Annual Conferences supported by the European Commission and hosted by national governments, which regularly attracts over 600 delegates from leading commercial, government and research organisations around the world to share knowledge and experience, lessons learnt, good practice and innovation. eChallenges provides a prestigious, international forum to share success stories and lessons learnt from applied Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related research at European level (FP6 & FP7) as well as Regional, National and Commercial initiatives. International cooperation and discussion of commercialisation, exploitation & interoperability issues are key aspects of the programme. The goals of e-2011 are to promote ICT knowledge sharing and innovation between commercial organisations, government agencies and the research community, exhange experiences about the current state of eAdoption at a sectoral, national or regional level and stimulate rapid take-up of Research and Technology Development (RTD) results by industry and in particular SMEs.

More information regarding the 1st WeGov Workshop will be published soon.

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