ICA, International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
WeGov announces its participation in IFIP EGOV 2011 in August 2011

WeGov Consortium partner GESIS will participate in the 10th annual international IFIP e-government conference (EGOV 2011), on 28 August – 2 September 2011 in Delft (The Netherlands).  This conference brings together the top of the scientific research community in e‐government from all over the world. The conference provides a highly interactive and professional forum for exchanging research concepts, progress and results. IFIP EGOV will feature refereed paper presentations, invited keynote presentations, high‐level discussion panels, workshops and a PhD Colloquium.

WeGov will make a presentation of the paper with the title “Public Politician Profiles on Facebook and the gap of Authenticity -  WeGov interview results with the German Bundestag”. The paper is based on the experience of some iterations of user engagement within the German Bundestag - where WeGov partner GESIS has evaluated the gap of authenticity of politician profiles on Facebook, less comments on statements and what is the purpose of using Social Networking Site platforms. The presentation will focus on these results and how politicians assess the impact on their own published data on Facebook - so this will more address the topic open data, in a wider range.

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