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WeGov was presented at the CeDEM11, in May 2011

news.130511WeGov partner GESIS, participated at the Conference for E-Domocracy and Open Government (CeDEM), hosted by the Danube University in Krems, in Austria, on May 5th – 6th, 2011.

CeDEM11 brought together e-democracy, e-participation, e-voting and open government specialists working in academia, politics, government and businesses.

GESIS presented the WeGov innovative case via a presentation of a WeGov publication, with the title "Extracting a basic use case to let policy makers interact with citizens on Social Networking Sites: a report on initial results", which was published within the CeDEM11 conference proceedings.

This paper covers the basic functionality of the WeGov toolbox: (1) Monitoring relevant debates and exploring citizens’ opinions; (2) Responding to already existing opinions and interfering with existing online discussions; and (3) Initiating a discussion with a statement as a topic. The paper was presented within the conference and the WeGov project was illustrated as a case study among the conferences attendees consisted of various persons within the academia. GESIS initiated a lightning talk on the paper and the WeGov use-cases and detailed scenarios.

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