ICA, International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
WeGov meeting with the Co:llaboratory think tank in July 2011

WeGov Consortium partner GESIS joined the Co:llaboratory think tank on the 22nd of July 2011 in order to discuss the topic of Open Government. As one discussion input on the agenda, GESIS presented the results of how MPs engage with SNS and what are the challenges to proceed on a two-way dialogue of politicians with citizens on the internet, a research work supported within the WeGov project activities. GESIS and the Co:llanoratory have foreseen a renewed meeting in order to elaborate on the topic of Open Government and eParticipation.

The Co:llaboratroy is an open think tank, bringing together actors from associations, academia, data- and consumer protection, internet companies and policymakers to work jointly on solutions and developing approaches to societal questions around the internet. The think tank/ network was initiated by Google Germany. A steering committee coordinates the think tank which in its execution and administration is supported by outside consultants.

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