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WeGov project featured in BBC News article!

On the occasion of the successful  Hansard Society/ WeGov event on social media and policy – making, Brian Wheeler, political reporter on BBC News, wrote the article “Why not let social media run the country?” handling the issues discussed on the event.

Brian Wheeler, in his opening paragraph raises the question “Why bother having elections and votes in Parliament, when you can find out what the people want in real time, 24 hours a day, on social media?”

The article portrays the author’s reflections on policy-makers engagement with citizens via social media and provides the WeGov software solution as an alternative of how this can be achieved, highlighting “But could social media be harnessed by politicians in a more modest way to help them form better policies? […] The answer might be a piece of software, WeGov, being developed by computer scientists at Southampton University, with help from the Hansard Society and EU funding”.

The BBC article gained great recognition initiating a vibrant discussion with more than 300 reader’s comments!

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